At Harrisonville United Methodist Church we are all about building connections and providing great spaces to do that in! Our church is open to church members and also open to our wonderful community. If you are planning your next gathering or small event we have two spaces to offer.

Our beautiful HUB located near the sanctuary is great for small groups(20). It offers seating near the courtyard and a kitchenette. This space is free to church members and we ask a good will donation from community members. Only thing we ask is that you leave this space as you found it, clean the tables and remove all trash and place it in the dumpster outfront. 

The Robbins Christian Life Center (RCLC) is a great space for large events and can hold up to 150 guests. It offers a full kitchen and option for tables/chairs. This space does require a $250 refundable deposit, and we ask you to review our reservation policy. This policy will be sent to you upon reservation request. Rental fees do apply. This space can also be reserved for Althetic practices for basketball or volleyball. 

Please contact us with any questions, to request reservation fill out the online form below.